Face Packs Of Kiwifruit For Gorgeous Skin.


In the previous article, I had written about beauty benefits of kiwifruit.

In this article, I am going to tell you about face packs of kiwifruit which you can make easily at home and apply onto your skin to get a beautiful skin.

Kiwi face pack.

Beauty Benefits Of Kiwifruit (Kiwi) For Skin And Hair.

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More Health Benefits Of Kiwi.

So, Here are the recipes of face packs and tips regarding uses of kiwi for your skin.

   Face Packs Of Kiwifruit  

1). Lemon And Kiwi Face Pack -

Lemon juice is natural bleaching agent for your skin. Kiwifruit has high nutritional content. They both combine here to give you a youthful skin. This face mask is best for oily skin.

You can mix mashed kiwi with some fresh lemon juice ➡ Apply it to your face ➡
Leave it on for 15 minutes ➡
Wash off with lukewarm water.
This face mask will help minimize your pores and blemishes too.

Kiwi-lemon face pack.
Kiwi-lemon face pack


2). Kiwi and Avacado Face Pack -

This pack contains goodness of kiwi and avacado. This face pack gives you a glowing skin.
Take 1 kiwifruit ➕ 1/2 avocado ➕
1 teaspoon honey ➡
Mash avocado and kiwifruit ➡ blend into smooth paste ➕
You can add now honey it ➡ apply it to your face and neck ➡
Wash it off after 15 minutes with normal water.
You can repeat this process once a week to get smooth and glowing skin.

Kiwi-Avocado face pack.
Kiwi-Avocado face pack
Try this for glowing skin


3). Peel Exfoliator -

Peel of kiwifruit can act as an exfoliator and helps in giving you a flawless Skin. All you need to do is simply peel the kiwifruit and scrub your skin with the inside part of it. The peel of the kiwifruit contains enzymes that exfoliate the dead skin cells and make your skin flawless and smooth.

Kiwi's peel is an exfoliator.
Kiwi fruit's peel can work as an


4). Kiwi and Yogurt/Curd Face Pack -

Like kiwi, yogurt or curd is also good for eating as well as applying topically. You can get goodness of both in this kiwi and yogurt face pack. This face pack will give you a glowing skin. It is also helpful in maintaining firmness of the skin.

Only thing you have to do is
just take the mashed fruit or pulp ➕
Add a tablespoon of yoghurt into it ➕
Apply the paste on your face ➡
Leave it on for 15 minutes ➡
Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Kiwi-yogurt face pack.
Kiwi-Yogurt face pack


5). Kiwi and Almond face pack -

This pack is an amazing combination of kiwi and almonds. It is very effective as it has anti-ageing properties. You can try this and can delay signs of ageing like wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.

You can take 7-8 almonds ➕ 1 kiwi ➕ half teaspoon of gram flour ➡
Soak the almonds overnight ➡ make a paste ➕ Add mashed kiwi ➕ add gram flour ➡ mix it well ➡ Apply this face pack on clean skin ➡Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes ➡ wash it off with cold water.
You can use this face pack every week for 2 months & you will see a youthful skin.

Kiwi-Almond face pack.
Kiwi-Almond face pack


6). Kiwi and Banana Face Pack -

This pack is nourishing face mask. It contains goodness of kiwi and banana. It is suitable for dry to normal skin. This face pack is hydrating and moisturises the skin. It also makes your skin soft and supple.

To make this pack, all you need to do is
Take a banana and kiwi ➡ mash both of them ➡ Now, you can add one tablespoon of yoghurt ➡ Now, apply this pack on your face ➡
Leave it on for 15 minutes ➡
Wash with lukewarm water ➡
Pat dry.

Kiwi-banana face pack.
Kiwi-Banana face pack.


7). Kiwi and Oatmeal Face Pack -

This pack is actually an exfoliating scrub. You can apply this scrub twice a week to get gorgeous and even toned skin. This natural scrub improves the texture of the by removing dirt and dead skin cells.

Take 1 teaspoon kiwi ➡make a paste out of it ➕ add one teaspoon of lemon juice into it ➕ add one teaspoon of oatmeal ➕ then add two drops of kiwi seed oil to it ➡ mix and make a paste ➡ apply on your skin by massaging for 3-5 minutes only ➡ then rinse it well with normal water.

Kiwi-Oatmeal face scrub.
Kiwi-Oatmeal Scrub


8). Reduces dark circles

Dark circles under eye are common these days. Hectic schedules, stress, work load and hours of sitting infront of computers can be the most common reason behind it. If you are also facing this problem, then you should try this. It's easy !

Take slices of kiwifruit and place it over your eyes ➡ relax for 15 minutes ➡ then remove these slices ➡ wash your face.
You can do it regularly and when you see dark circles coming under eye.

Kiwi and dark circles.
Kiwi slice reduces dark circles

9). Kiwi Pack -

To treat sun tan or sun burn , you can use kiwi slices or mashed kiwi.

Take kiwi slices ➡ put it over affected area.
Take kiwi ➡ make a paste ➡ apply over affected area.
This will give you a cooling effect and also soothes the skin thus treating sun burn.

Kiwi for sun tan and sun burn.
Mash kiwifruit or put slice on area
affected by sun


Important Note - 

Always do a patch test or allergy test before applying kiwifruit pack. I always advice allergy test for almost each and every product. Kiwi can be allergic to your skin.

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  1. Wow..superb
    Going to try all these face packs.
    Thank you

    1. Thank you for your valuable comment. Yes, you can definitely try face packs mentioned in the article according to your skin type, problem and requirement. Be sure to do patch test first. Keep reading and be with me❤


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