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A review of NIVEA Soft Light Moisturiser.

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Hello Girls !!!! We have often heard that     old is gold.
From many years,even the tips used by our great grandma are still in use and are greatly effective.No matter time,world,generations changed no matter how modern our lifestyle has become,some things are old but quite worthy.We will discuss many tips and remedies we got from our mom and grandma in our coming posts.Those precious jewels which are hereditarily passed on and are still not worthless. But,in today's post we will discuss about NIVEA Soft Light Moisturise enriched with Vitamin E. Yes you are right ! We are reviewing let's get started..      

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           What the brand claims ??????       
Product Details : Nivea Soft Light Moisturiser is a dermatologically-tested moisturising cream for all skin types. It is enriched with Vitamin E and jojoba oil, which go deep into the skin and turn it into a…

A review of LAKMÉ Clean Up Face Wash nourishing glow.

Hello Gorgeous ladies !!! Life is like a colorful/colourful rainbow.As rainbow has different colors and each has it's own significance similarily life hasdifferent colors like happiness,sorrow,tears,smiles,mourning,laughter etc.
And as the brightness of stars can only be knownafter darkness(in the dark night)in the same way each life moment is important to make it interesting and exciting.We have to enjoy life in a good way. And life is of course a beautiful gift to cherish.
O yes ! This reminded me of an offer which I got with LAKMÉ Maximum Moisturiser Peach Milk.I discussed it with you in previous post and thought to give a review on it.
So,i will review about     LAKMÉ Clean Up Face Wash,nourishing glow with strawberry extracts  

So,let's review now...
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Ingredients :- Aqua,Glycerine,Microcrystalline Wax Beads White,Microcrystalline Wax Beads Red,Menthol,Fragrances Vesta (Strawberry) Fruit Extract etc.

Review of LAKMÉ Maximum Moisturiser Peach Milk.

Hello Beauties !!!How are you???Hope you are doing well !!! It doesn't matter whether you are a working female or a housewife, a student or a single girldoing job.Women are multitasking so congrats on being a diva.Sky is not the limit for you.
    SO LET'S REVIEW NOW          
Today,I am back here with a post on review of LAKMÉ Maximum Moisturiser Peach Milk   So,here we go.....

Simply Beautiful is being beautiful naturally.

   Simply Beautiful is being yourself !Simply Beautiful means ??? Hello Beauties and welcome to my blog !
Whenwe talk aboutsimplybeautiful,
it means beautifulnaturally.
As we allknowhealth iswealth.Healthyfrominside and outmakesyoulook morebeautiful.Skinis veryimportantwhenwe talkaboutbeauty.

                    Know about human skin               
Do you know about skin ???